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Lycoming Service Bulletin 388C

October 24, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, recently a number of CAP 182T aircraft have experienced sticking exhaust valves. Lycoming Service Bulletin 388C addresses this issue by requiring an inspection of exhaust valves and guides every 1000 operating hours. Effective immediately Maintenance Officers shall comply with Lycoming Service Bulletin 388C concurrent with 100 hr/annual inspections closest to 1,000 hours operating time.

 If during the inspection an exhaust valve requires reaming, the shop will comply with Lycoming Service Instruction 1425A. If one exhaust valve requires reaming, the remaining five will be reamed as well. Note: cylinders are not required to be removed to accomplish reaming.  In addition replace any valve and guide exceeding maximum wear limits identified in SB 388C.
Please submit labor quotes for both the inspection and reaming (if required) on CAPF 176.
This notice applies to all first run (new) Cessna 182T and 206H models. However, it does not apply to these models beyond their initial engine since CAP replacement engines do not have Lycoming cylinders.
Please address any questions or concerns to NHQ/LGM. Thanks.
Note: This message is also being sent to CAP contract maintenance shops.

For More Information:

Nelson "Dan" Daniel

Voice: 877-227-9142 Ext 272

Fax: 334-953-1668

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