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Textron Aviation SEB-34-20 Navigation-G1000 w/ESP

October 15, 2020

Please See Hot News dated 28 April 2021 Titled "Textron Aviation SEB-34-20 Revision 1 - Navigation-G1000 w/ESP" for most current Revision.

Textron Aviation has issued a Mandatory Service Bulletin SEB-34-20 which applies to certain Cessna 172S aircraft that affect serial numbers 172S12246 thru 172S12463.  The Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) will command a nose down pitch when the aircraft is in-air and airspeed remains below 55 KIAS for at least one second (Low Airspeed Protection). If ESP remains engaged for 10 seconds (non-consecutive) in a 20 second interval, the system will engage the Autopilot (AFCS) in LVL-LVL mode, which then enables automatic pitch trim authority. This can be unexpected when intentionally operating the airplane in some flight conditions such as during training flights with slow flight maneuvers and power off stalls, or with erroneous airspeed indications.

Please call or email LGM if there are any questions concerning this SB. Thanks. 

Link removed.  SEE HOT news Dated 28 April 2021

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