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Textron Aviation SEB-34-21 Navigation-G1000 NXI w/ESP

May 7, 2021

Textron Aviation has issued mandatory service bulletin, SEB-34-21.  This SB applies to certain Cessna 182T & T206H aircraft that have G1000 NXI with ESP software version 2501.03 thru 2501.09 installed. This SEB affects 13 of our 2019, 182T & T206H aircraft.  

The Electronic Stability Protection (ESP) will command a nose down pitch when the aircraft is in-air and at an angle of attack to trigger movement of the stall warning vane. If ESP remains engaged for 10 seconds (non-consecutive) in a 20 second interval, the system will engage the Autopilot (AFCS) in LVL-LVL mode, which then enables automatic pitch trim authority. This can be unexpected when intentionally operating the airplane in some flight conditions such as during training flights with slow flight maneuvers or power off stalls.

Please have this service bulletin completed at the next 100hr/Annual inspection.  This software update is covered under warranty and must be completed no later than 26 April 2022 for CAP to be reimbursed.  If the 100hr/Annual inspection does not come due before this date, please get your aircraft scheduled in to have this update done out of cycle so that it will be covered.  A discrepancy has been created in AMRAD to track the completion of this SB.  When it is completed, please closeout the associated discrepancy.  This SB has been posted to our web site

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