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Mandatory SBs - 2012 Archive

Cessna Service Letter SEL-34-02

Reason: To provide instructions that allow the continued use of the 010-00330 and the 010-00330-41 GDU SD Cards when the Jeppesen Nav Database is updated.

After G1000 System Software 563.26 is installed, the loading the Jeppesen Nav Database will cause an error message on G1000 systems equipped with 010-00330 or 010-00330-41 GDU SD cards.

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Cessna Service Letter 29-01

Gentlemen Cessna has issued Service Letter 29-01 requiring an inspection of the hydraulic power pack wiring for correct installation on select models of our 182RG and Turbo 182RG aircraft. Our records indicate the following aircraft are affected by serial number. N6397T, N6420T, and N6433T. The service letter requires the inspection to be accomplished at the next 100hr or annual inspection. Cessna estimates the inspection to take approximately .7 man-hours to accomplish. NHQ/LGM will cover the cost of the inspection. Attached is a copy of the service letter for reference. Please call if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.

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Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) Service Bulletin 045

Engine Fuel Pump Inspection

Effectivity: Serial #: T18208001 thru T18209058

Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) has issued service bulletin 045 concerning their engine driven fuel pump, PN# 201F-5001 thru 5008, that could be installed on our T182T aircraft. The bulletin requires removal of the affected fuel pumps if installed. Our records indicate none of our aircraft (tail numbers below) have a HET pump installed. However, to insure our records are accurate and to facilitate the accomplishment of the bulletin we are requesting a visual inspection.

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