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Cessna Owner Advisor SEL-78-01

June 2, 2014

Gentlemen Cessna has released Service Letter 78-01. It requires the inspection of the #3 cylinder exhaust pipe for cracks on the above T206H aircraft that have less than 400 hours total time. The inspection is required before further flight if one of the three following conditions have occurred.

1.       Cowling discoloration in the area of the Number 3 exhaust pipe
2.       CO detector alert
3.       Uncommanded or unexplained reduction of Manifold Pressure
If none of these three items have occurred then the aircraft should be inspected within the next 25 flight hours or next oil change whichever occurs first. If a crack is found the exhaust pipe must be replaced before further flight. (Cessna will cover the replacement until the aircraft reaches 400 flight hours)
If no cracks are found the exhaust must be inspected again at each oil change not to exceed 50 flight hours since last inspection.
Once an aircraft has 400 or more flight hours the above inspection is no longer required.
Please make sure log book entries are made for each aircraft at each inspection until the aircraft reaches 400 hours. Thanks.
Please call or email if you have any questions.

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Nelson "Dan" Daniel
Voice: 877-227-9142 Ext 272
Fax: 334-953-1668

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