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Cessna Service Bulletin SB07-34-08

December 17, 2007

Garmin G1000 GTX 33 Transponder Inspection/Replacement

See the SB for applicable serial numbers. 

NOTE:  This SB does apply to all CAP G1000 equipped aircraft except 2007 models.  It also effects N206CP. 

Reason:  To transmit Garmin Mandatory Service Bulletin No.: 0710 Revision A.  Garmin has developed a modification to assist in improving the decay time of the suppression circuit in the GTX33 Transponder. 

Compliance:  Mandatory; shall be accomplished at or before the next scheduled transponder biennial test as stated in Garmin Mandatory Service Bulletin No. 0710 Revision A (or lastest revision). 

NOTE:  This work needs to be done at a Cessna Service Center.  


NOTE:  Service Bulletins considered mandatory, by the CAP Service Bulletin Committee, and Service Bulletins marked mandatory by the manufacturer, with a credit date, will be posted on this page and distributed to the appropriate Wings.

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