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Cessna Service Bulletin SB08-34-04

July 28, 2008

Garmin G1000 GDC-74A Air Data Computer Inspection


  • 182T - 18281228, 18281318 thru 18281868, 18281870 thru 18281875
  • T182T - T18208232 thru T18208664, T18208666 thru T18208668
  • 206H - 20608215 thru 20608278, 20608280 thru 20608283

Reason:  It has been determined that some airplanes may be equipped with a GDC074A air data computer that requires a mandatory hardware upgrade.  This upgrade is designed to enhance the GDC074A air data computer's reliability when sujected to strong radio frequency energy (also know as HIRF) that may occur for instance when flying in proximity to a radio or television transmitter.

Compliance:  Mandatory; shall be accomplished during a 100 hour or 12 month (annual) type inspection, whichever occurs first.  CREDIT EXPIRATION DATE:  24 Jul 08

NOTE:  Service Bulletins considered mandatory, by the CAP Service Bulletin Committee, and Service Bulletins marked mandatory by the manufacturer, with a credit date, will be posted on this page and distributed to the appropriate Wings.

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