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Cessna Service Bulletin, SB09-32-02

October 5, 2009



Reason for the SB:  It has been determined that on some airplanes the brake lines may chafe against the lower portion of the main landing gear (MLG) strut fairings.


Model            S/N

182S             1820001 thru 18280944

182T              18280945 thru 18282057, 18282059, 18282060, 18282062 thru 18282066, 18282068 thru 18282070, 18282072 thru 18282078, 18282087

T182T            T18208001 thru T18208842, T18208844 thru T18208847, T18208849 thru T18208853, T18208855 thru T18208861, T18208863, T18208867, T18208868


Compliance:  MANDATORY; shall be accomplished at the next scheduled 100 hour/12 month (annual) type inspection.


CREDIT:  August 31, 2010

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