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Cessna Service Bulletin SB11-71-02

June 30, 2011


The following airplanes delivered from Cessna with engines in the suspect range as noted in Lycoming Mandatory Service Bulletin No. 597:

Model                 Serial Numbers

T182T                 T18209015 thru T18209025

Also affected are the airplanes that follow if the fuel drain valve adapter assembly has been replaced with a part shipped from Cessna Service Parts and Programs between August 24, 2010 and May 9, 2011, or if the engine has been replaced with an engine serial number listed in the Lycoming Mandatory Service Bulletin No. 597. Model 206H/T206H airplanes with an Engine Cylinder Drain Can (EPA Can) installed either by the factory or via MK206-71-02 that have complied with SB05-71-02 are not affected:

Model                 Serial Numbers

T182T                 T18208001 thru T18209014

206H                     20608001 thru 20608240

T206H                T20608001 thru T20608544, T20608654

See the SB for additional information

Compliance: Mandatory: Shall be accomplished within the next 10 hours of operation or at the next maintenance event, whichever occurs first.

CREDIT INFORMATION: Complete before June 9, 2012

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