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Cessna Service Bulletin SEB-27-01

March 28, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, Cessna has issued Service Bulletin SEB-27-01 that requires the replacement and safety wiring of the control-column glide attach screw on both control yokes of our 2010 and 2011 182T and Turbo 182T aircraft at the next 100 hour or annual inspection whichever occurs first. If your contract maintenance shop is a Cessna Service Center you may have this bulletin accomplished at the aircraft’s next 100hr/annual. If your contract maintenance shop is not a Cessna Service Center you should take your affected aircraft (listed below) to the nearest Cessna Service Center prior to the aircraft’s next 100 hr/annual to accomplish the bulletin. Contact NHQ/LGM if there is not a Cessna Service Center in your area.  All service centers should have a copy of the bulletin, if not NHQ/LGM can provide one. With these aircraft being under warranty, Cessna will fund the accomplishment of the bulletin.

AZ – N286CP

FL – N774CP

GA – N493CP

HI – N679CP

ID – N717CP

IN – N486CP

IA – N629CP

NC – N727CP

PA – N644CP

RMR – N336CP

VA – N482CP

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