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Gippsland Service Bulletin SB-GA8-2013-99

March 7, 2013


Gentlemen, please have the inspection portion (steps 1,2 & 3) of this service bulletin complied with at your GA8’s next 100hr/annual inspection. Report any cracks found to NHQ/LGM prior to preceding with the remainder of the bulletin. I will need a CAPF 176 with a quote from your shop to repair any cracks if required. This is a reoccurring service bulletin (each 12 month annual) and please be reminded to annotate its compliance in the aircraft’s maintenance records. If anyone has a question please feel free to call. Thanks.
Steve, the bulletin has been complied with on N606CP.

Compliance: This mandatory service bulletin is to be carried out at each periodic inspection.

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Nelson "Dan" Daniel
Voice: 877-227-9142 Ext 272
Fax: 334-953-1668

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