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Recommended SBs - 2012 Archive

Cessna Service Bulletin SEB-32-01

Ladies and gentlemen, Cessna has issued Service Bulletin SEB-32-01 requiring an inspection of the MLG break lines for chaffing on the lower portion of the MLG strut fairings on our 2008 and above 182T and T182T aircraft. Compliance with this service bulletin is recommended, however for aircraft still under warranty Cessna will cover the inspection and replacement of the brake lines if required. Warranty action will have to be filed at or through a Cessna Service Center.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks.

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Cessna Service Bulletin SEB-34-01

Navigation - Garmin G1000 Enhanced Search and Rescue Enablement

Reason: To provide enablement instructions for the Garmin G1000 Enhanced Search and Rescue (SAR) feature. The enhanced SAR upgrade enhancement provides air crews with step-by-step tracking procedures for SAR mission by incorporating search patterns into a flight plan.


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