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Recommended SBs - 2013 Archive

Cessna Service Letter SEL-24-03

Reason: The purpose of this service letter is to transmit Hartzell Engine Technologies (HET) Service Bulletin No. 053, Alternator HET p/n ASG12000 (-1, -2, & -3) Housing Gap Check.

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Cessna Service Letter 28-02

Title: Fuel - Belly Fuel Drain Fitting Assembly Inspection

Reason: Cessna has received a report of fuel seepage from the O-rings on the 203003-4-4S Tee Fitting where it attaches at the 2116016-4 Belly Fuel Drain Fitting Assembly. This service letter provides instructions to do an inspection for seepage and an extruding O-ring at the belly fuel drain fitting assembly.

Compliance: Recommended. Should be accomplished the next 100hr or 12 month inspection, whichever occurs first.

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Cessna Service Bulletin SEB-27-02

Title: Flight Controls - Flap Control Modification

Reason: Cessna has received reports that, at full travel of the flaps, there can be interference between the torque tube and the bellcrank assembly and the 1262048-4 Support Bracket attached to the flap control mounting bracket.

Compliance. Optional

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Cessna SEB-32-02

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cessna is offering an improved nose gear strut tube assembly via Service Bulletin SEB-32-02 for the following aircraft models and serial numbers:

182T – Serial numbers 18282121 through 18282359

T182T – T18208883 through T18209094
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