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Cessna Service Bulletin SB010-25-01

February 2, 2010


172R       17280001 thru 17281537

172S       172S8001 thru 172S10768

182S       18280001 thru 18280944

182T        18280945 thru 18282121

T182T      T18208001 thru T18208884

206H       20608001 thru 20608311

T206H T20608002 thru T20608863


To transmit AmSafe Service Letter 23-005.


AmSafe has received information that the slider assembly (load bar) and webbing can be pulled out of the

connector tongue. If a connector cover is not installed on the inflatable restraint, a 509016-11 Connector

Cover must be installed. The 509016-11 Connector Cover will assist in limiting the ability to tamper with the

connector and remove the slider assembly.


Recommended: should be accomplished within the next 100 hours of operation or 12 months (annual

inspection), whichever occurs first.

The following airplanes equipped with AmSafe Aviation Inflatable Restraints.

Model     Serial Numbers

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