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Cessna Service Bulletin, SB06-22-01

April 24, 2006

Title: Honeywell KS270C Pitch Servo and KS271C Roll Servo Tach Generator Modification 

Effectivity:  This SB affects our 182T and 206H a/c within the following serial # range:

 182T  18280945 thru 18281813
 206H  20608001 thru 20608264

Reason:  To transmit Honeywell Service Bulletin No. KS 270C-9: KS 270C Pitch Servoe and Honeywell Service Bulletin No. KS 271C-10: KS 271C Roll Servo

Description:  The Honeywell Service Bulletins provide a more robust tach generator for the servo.

Optional - may be accomplished if desired.

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