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Textron Aviation SEB-79-10 Oil Pressure Switch Relocation

June 25, 2021


Airplane Serial numbers that follow that have a Lycoming IO-360-L2A engine.

172R - 17280001 thru 17281622

172S - 172S00001 thru 172S12620

This service bulletin provides parts and instructions to move switch downstream to reduce cyclic loading forces on the Hobbs Oil Pressure Switch. 

NOTE: Any switch that has operated in the right crankcase location must be replaced at 1,000 hours and must not be moved to the new location on the accessory housing.
NOTE: Any switch that will be installed in the accessory housing location by this service bulletin must be a new zero time-in-service switch and must never have been operated in the right crankcase location.

For additional information refer to Model 172R/172S Maintenance Manual, ICA Supplement NO:

See SEB here: Link

See ICA Supplement here: Link 

For More Information:

Rodger Kirkpatrick


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