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Yingling Service Bulletin: YSB-CAP-14-001, Rev. 1R

April 2, 2014

Effectivity: This bulletin applies to Cessna CAP 182 and T182T, with NAV III/Garmin 1000 Avionics and Special Mission STC SA01216WI installed by Yingling Aircraft, Inc. between March 2005 and July 2011.

Compliance: Recommended. Yingling Aircraft, Inc. recommends compliance with this Service Bulletin if a failure of the CAP Special Mission STC Switch Annunciator dimming circuit is experienced.

NHQ/LGM initially posted a notice on the CAP Website as a Hot News item in Nov 2013 concerning this issue. See below.

November 20, 2013                 
Ladies and Gentlemen, over the past several months a few of our G1000 aircraft have experienced a burnt resistor (see photo below) in the seat select annunciator circuit. This circuit controls the back lighting of the seat select annunciator switch which permits communication from the rear seat. The location of the annunciator switch varies from above the prop and mixture controls on our early model G1000s to the center console just below the prop and mixture controls on our later model G1000s. When the resistor fails a brief amount of smoke with an electrical odor may be emitted from one of these areas of the instrument panel. Typically the failure of the resistor is instantaneous and the smoke dissipates in a matter of seconds. There is no danger of fire at anytime during the failure. The “ANNUN” circuit breaker on the mission master panel will pop and the circuit will remain open until the resistor is replaced and the circuit breaker is reset.
If one of your aircraft experiences this issue contact NHQ/LGM and we will coordinate with Yingling Aviation to replace the resistor. Yingling will work with your local avionics shop and provide the necessary parts and diagrams to repair and/or update the circuitry.

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