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Aircraft Management

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Rodger Kirkpatrick, Chief, Aircraft Management

Gary Arthurs, Aircraft Maintenance Lead

Ryan Oyler, Aircraft Maintenance Coordinator

Jennifer Ussrey, Aircraft Parts Technician

Jereme Watson, Aircraft Maintenance Technician

AMRAD Launch Announcement 

CAP’s Newest Aircraft Management Tool Is LIVE!

AMRAD is CAP’s new Aircraft Maintenance Repair and Documentation application in eServices.  It will take the place of most of the functions that were in the WMIRS Maintenance Module and adds several new aircraft maintenance tools to assist with flying and maintaining our CAP aircraft.  It allows the entry of new aircraft discrepancies, transmits them to the Aircraft Maintenance Officer for validation and facilitates the flight release process. New aircraft maintenance requests can be entered, reviewed, parts can be ordered and NHQ approvals can be processed all in one location.  It is designed to provide real-time visibility to aircraft status, open and closed discrepancies, aircraft inspection data, maintenance and repair requests, and parts orders and tracking data.  Training for the new application is available now in AXIS, CAP’s online training site.

 AMRAD User's Guide     CAP Parts Request Form

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