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Revised CAP Waiver Release Form

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23 APRIL UPDATE:  Trailer pick-ups at Selma and Maxwell have gone well with some delays at the pick up point in Selma due to the large number of agencies processing trailers.  After today, all trailers will need to be picked up at Maxwell AFB during normal workday business hours.  Please continue to schedule your pick-up in advance via e-mail ( to so we can give you our full attention.  All trailers must be picked up by 15 May.

Trailer modification:  Maj. Gen. Pineda has directed these trailers should not undergo major modification.  Trailers are to be left intact except for the installation of radios needed for incident command.  The purpose of this restriction is to retain the full utilization of these trailers for recruiting, temporary incident command facilities and temporary lodging at response sites.  These trailers are unsuitable for use as unit meeting sites because of the very limited seating they provide.  Large scale

Insurance:  Liability insurance for these trailers is covered under the same policy as CAP corporate vehicles unless the trailer is being towed by a personally owned vehicle (POV).  When towed by a POV, liability insurance is derived from the vehicle towing the trailer.  Although not required, units may wish to purchase damage insurance for these trailers.  Repairs for damage to trailers will be the responsibility of the unit to which the trailer is assigned.

Waiver/release:  The waiver/release has been modified to clarify insurance coverage requirements between CAP-owned vehicles and POVs.  Please use the attached form for all future pickups.  Trailers will not be released without a signed waiver/release.

Licensing:  Certificates of origin are required by most states before they will issue a license plate.  Unfortunately, we are experiencing very lengthy delays getting Certificates of Origin from the GSA office in Washington D.C.  You may experience delays of several weeks before we receive these certificates.  All certificates are requested from GSA by NHQ/LG immediately upon trailer pickup but we are unable to make this process move any faster from our office.  We will mail all certificates as soon as they are received.

More trailers:  We may be able to screen more trailers in the near future.  If your unit would like to receive more than the two trailers you have already signed for, please send an e-mail to with your request.   Once we have tallied all the requests we will determine a screening date and location.  Please have all requests submitted by noon on Monday 30 April.

The following procedures, limitations and requirements remain in effect:

* All trailers must be picked up by 15 May.  We are unable to permit delays beyond 15 May because the base requires our parking spaces to accommodate FEMA supply trailers which will be staged from Maxwell in the event of an incident.

* Transit paperwork/permits will be provided

* Units must bear the entire expense of transporting the trailer from Alabama

* Trailers may be towed with an appropriate CAP or member-owned vehicle or may be picked up by a professional hauler at your expense

* A Class IV hitch is required and the towing vehicle must be rated for towing the trailer assigned

* Tow vehicles must have a fully operational brake controller installed

* BE ADVISED: Brakes on these trailers have not been inspected. Brakes not working properly will need to be repaired at unit expense prior to departure.

* Leveling and anti-sway bars are strongly recommended if transporting the trailer long distances

* Proof that the vehicle is rated to tow the trailer's weight will be required

* Check your vehicle’s towing capacity before you depart for Alabama

* Long wheelbase three-quarter ton (or larger) vehicles are best suited to tow these trailers

* Short wheelbase vehicles (automobiles, SUVs or SWB pickups) or those not rated will not be allowed to pickup trailers

* Driver(s) should have experience hauling trailers of this size (30' and up to 10,000 lbs.)

* Trailers are standard-width campers and do not require special permits, escorts or markings

* No spare tires/wheels are provided. Bring a suitable spare tire with you (see manufacturer's Web site)

* Owner manuals may not be available, but may be downloaded from the manufacturer's Web site

* Drivers must sign a waiver/release of liability before trailers will be released for transport

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