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CAP Vehicle Due-Outs

This is CAP’s Vehicle Due-Out List. These are the vehicle that CAP/LGT are tracking to be retired. If you have any questions or concerns about any vehicle listed, please contact CAP/LGT directly @


Information. Not all vehicles below have been initiated for retirement in ORMS. However, the vehicles below had to meet certain criteria to be placed on this list. CAP/LGT will not approve repairs for any vehicle on this list. All vehicles below meet the criteria to be retired and retirement must be initiated in ORMS.   

- CAP/LGT has denied MX payments due the vehicle being Beyond Economic Repair (BER)   
- Vehicle is planned to be replaced
- Vehicle non-operational
- Vehicle unsafe to operate
- Vehicle has reached its end-of-life cycle
- Vehicle meets retirement criteria on assessment worksheet and was approved   


 1  retirement not initiated in ORMS
 A  vehicle has a planned replacement
 B  vehicle deemed BER by CAP/LGT
 C  vehicle pending CAP-USAF approval
 D  vehicle pending documentation upload
 E  vehicle reached its end-of-life cycle
 F  vehicle fully approved for retirement
 G  vehicle non-operational/beyond repair/unsafe


Updated:      May 15, 2023


Region ID Wing Vehicle ID Status Codes
GLR IL 11006 BFG
GLR IL 11011 BF
GLR IN 12320 C
MAR DE 07012 CG
MAR SC 39018 BF
MAR VA 45777 D
PCR AK 50033 F
PCR AK 50052 BFG
PCR CA 04199 EC
PCR CA 04983 F
PCR NV 27009 EF
PCR CO 05728 BCG
PCR WY 49011 B
SER FL 08502 DG
SER FL 08519 FG
SER FL 08520 BF
SER GA 09028 BF
SER MS 22189 FG
SER PR 52030 BF
SER PR 52032 FG
SER TN 41011 B
SER TN 41033 BD
SWR AR 03075 DE
SWR OK 35017 B
SWR TX 42502 BF


Once vehicles have been fully approved to retire, please follow the approved steps and upload documentation accordingly.  Ensure all CAP equipment and logos are removed prior to final disposition.  
DLA-DS Turn-In  -  upload signed DD-1348
Donation  -  upload signed donation statement
Sales  -  upload singed copy of Bill of Sale (must include price)
Scrap  -  upload scrap receipt
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