How to Appoint a New Commander

Starting on 14 May 2024, Wing Commanders will have the ability to appoint new commanders through eServices.  Previously, a unit commander change required a wing to submit a copy of a signed CAPF 27 Organizational Action to NHQ Personnel and Member Actions.    Permission to change the unit commanders (groups, squadrons, and flights) will only be given to the Wing Commander at this time.   No other duty positions will have this ability. 

A reminder that many duty positions are currently able to update unit information including, mailing and meeting addresses, meeting information, and unit contacts – these permissions will not change.  The duty positions to change information within the unit include:  Commanders, Vice Commanders, Deputy Commanders, Chiefs of Staff, Directors of Personnel, Deputy Commanders, Administrative and Personnel Officers.   More information can be found here.

CAPF 27s will still be required for individuals who need to have command of two units at the same time or if the command position is an additionally duty assignment.

How to Appoint a New Unit Commander:
1.  Log into your eServices account at

2.  Select Menu in the upper left corner.  Next, click on Personnel, then select Membership System.

3.  Click on the red chevron and Membership System in the upper left corner.  In the menu that appears, click on Org. Maintenance.   

4.  Using the drop-down menu at the top of the page, titled “Select an Organization to view Details,” click on the unit charter number and name.   You should now see the unit organization maintenance page.  

5.  At the top of the page, under the “Select an Organization to View Details” box, click on Change Commander.

6.   In the Select Commander box, enter the CAP ID number or the first and last name of the incoming commander.  Hit the tab key or click on the search button to pull up the member’s information.

         a.  You may see a pop-up box if the incoming commander is being reassigned from a different unit.   When the 
          incoming commander is submitted, they will automatically transfer from their current squadron of assignment.
          No other transfer action is required.
          b.  If the incoming commander is already a commander of another unit, a pop-up box will appear with that
           information and you will not be able to complete the change of command.  Existing commanders must be
           replaced before they can be assigned as the commander of another unit.  Commanders cannot be assigned to
           hold dual-command positions through this module.  

7.  Next, enter the Date Assigned for the commander.  Future dates cannot be used.   Then, click on the Submit button.   The information for the new commander will show on the screen.

8. At the top of the page, under the “Organization to Change Commander” text box, click on Basic Information.  This will return you to the main Org. Maintenance page.  

9.  The Primary Mailing Address will be automatically updated with the primary mailing address for the current unit commander.   It is critical that the mailing address be current, since information containing PII is often sent to the unit (i.e. membership applications).  
10.  Also be sure to update (or delegate) the Organization Contacts, Meeting Times, Unit Contacts and Notes.