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How to Update Unit Information

Unit information listed in the online unit locator at can be easily updated in eServices.  Duty Positions who have access to the update the information include: Administrative Officers, Personnel Officers, Vice Commanders, Chiefs of Staff, Commanders, Directors of Personnel and Deputy Commanders.  For assistance, please contact member services at or 877-227-9142 option 4, then option 1.
The following information can be updated for units in eServices:
Unit Contact Person
Unit Phone
Contact e-mail
Meeting Address
Unit Web Address
Meeting Time
Meeting Notes


Steps to update unit information in eServices.
1.  Log into your eServices account at
2.  In the old eServices, select Membership System from the restricted menu on the right.
     In the new eServices, select Personnel on the left-hand menu.  Select Membership System from the options that appear.
3.  On the left-hand menu, select Org. Maintenance.  Your unit information should automatically populate.  If it does not or if you have multiple units in      your command, select the correct unit from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
4.  You should now see information regarding your unit on the page.  At the bottom half, you should see six tabs labeled:  Organization Addresses, Organization Contacts, meeting Times, Unit Contacts, Notes, Members.
5.  Click on the tab containing the information you would like to update.  After changing the information, be sure to select the "Add/Update" button.

6.  The new information is now saved to the unit record in eServices.  Unit information changes are submitted to the unit locator at 1630 Central time Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.    

-- If no unit or organization contact is entered, the system will automatically use the unit commander's information.
--  When entering a meeting address, be sure to use the street address before any descriptive information.  Otherwise, the unit locator will not be able to correctly display your unit based on location. 
CORRECT:    1234 North St.  
                       Old National Guard Armory
                       Montgomery, AL 36116

INCORRECT:   Old National Guard Armory
                         1234 North St.
                         Montgomery, AL 36116
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