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Chaplain Corps

Chaplain Corps

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Welcome to the CAP chaplain corps, one of the most unique and rewarding areas of volunteer service in Civil Air Patrol. 

There are two ways to serve through the CAP chaplain corps. 

Character development instructors (CDIs) are chaplain corps members who are not chaplains, but provide ethical instruction to CAP cadets, serve on Chaplain Support Teams in a variety of scenarios, including emergency services missions, and assist chaplains in carrying out their ministry to our CAP members.

CAP chaplains are professionally qualified, endorsed clergy who deliver ministry to our members outside the walls of a traditional congregation. 

A chaplain's "ministry of presence" has a positive impact on our members in a wide variety of ways.

Chaplains are entrusted by their endorsers with representing the presence of God to the people they serve. Chaplains are a "reminder of the holy" and serve as a thermostat to keep our members mindful of living according to CAP's core values.

Chaplains help ensure every CAP member's right to the free exercise of religion. Chaplaincy happens in a pluralistic environment, so it includes serving everyone and facilitating the religious needs and requirements for members of all faiths while remaining true to the tenets of one's own faith.

Chaplains care for everyone, even when others cannot. Chaplains look after the wellbeing of CAP members in all kinds of circumstances, such as rounding up food for CAP personnel during search or disaster relief mission.

Chaplains and CDIs serve as mentors and positive role models to all CAP members as they serve others and live out CAPs core values.

Chaplains are available as first responders in times of stress and crisis. Most chaplains have specialized training in crisis and grief counseling, and can provide an anchor for our members in difficult circumstances.

Chaplains are a safe sounding board for commanders and other CAP members. Chaplains fall under the clergy privileged communication laws of their respective states, so they are a safe place to process life's challenges and difficulties.

In short, chaplaincy is an exciting area of service within CAP, with the privilege and responsibility to be present among those we serve. Chaplains laugh, cry, celebrate, mourn, and bring comfort to those entrusted to their care.

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