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Chief of Chaplains

Biography for Chaplain Col Linda J. Pugsley 



  • Doctor of Biblical Studies, Colorado Theological Seminary, 2010

  • Florida State Teaching Certification 1987

  • MA in Counseling, Rider University, 1977

  • BS in Nursing, University of Delaware, 1974

  • Diploma, Boston City Hospital School of Nursing, 1966


  • Joined USAF Reserves at Hanscom AFB, MA, Mar 1967

  • Basic Training, Sheppard AFB, TX 1967

  • Flight Nurse School, Brooks AFB, TX 1967

  • Volunteered for two tours as Air Evac Flight Nurse in Vietnam 1968-1969 and 1972

  • Stationed with the 67 Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron (AES), 34 AES, 57 AES, 56 AES, and 72 AES, with the last assignment being the 37 AES (now 45 AES) at MacDill AFB, FL

  • Air Reserve Technician (ART) Nurse at McGuire AFB, NJ 1972-1977

  • Resigned position as Flight Nurse with rank of Major in 1978 to pursue ministry career


  • Medical training instructor in USAF/USAF Reserves 1967-1978

  • Nursing Instructor at Pasco-Hernando College – 1978-1980

  • Lead Teacher at New Hope Christian School (as part of pastoral duties) 1988-2002

  • Vietnam Veterans of America Speakers Bureau (since 1999)-teaching in the local high schools of her experiences in Vietnam (over 5000 students)


  • Ordained in 1989 at Great Hope Christian Fellowship (GHCF) Church

  • Became Associate Pastor at GHCF in 1994

  • Visits and tends to the sick; preaches the mid-week service and a once a month Sunday Service at GHCF

  • Author of two books, The Climb, a compilation of her sermons on contemporary moral issues and DMR-5, The Next Generation, a novel full of mystery and adventure, about a military chaplain and the powerful influence moral change brings to the youths of a local community

  • Founder of Piercing the Darkness Ministries and REV IT UP, both ministries dedicated to communicating the truth of God’s Word in our local and national forums.

  • Frequent speaker at various churches, seminars, conferences, and civic activities

  • Performed the Invocation at the Vietnam Women’s Memorial in Washington, DC for the 20th (2013) and 25th (2018) Anniversary of the Memorial.

USAF Aux Experience:

  • Joined in May 2003 in the rank of Major/promoted to Lt Col Jun 2007

  • Appointed Chaplain April 2004

  • Currently CAP Chief of Chaplains, with ADY to 89th MACS, MacDill AFB, FL

  • Specialty track is Chaplain at the Master Level (2005)

  • Level V completed (May 2013)

  • Instructor for SLS/CLC/CCRSC/Wing & Nat’l Conferences/Instructor for MC/CSS training at NESA

  • Mission Chaplain (CS and DS)/ CISM Certification/Pastoral Crisis Intervention Certification/Suicide Intervention Certification

  • ROA card/CAP Driver’s License/ICUT/SET/MRO/MS-in training

  • Has provided Mission Chaplain support for Hurricane Recon /Cape Missions/Encampments/Casualty Notification Team/SAREX/DREX/Bivouacs/Cadet Activities/Hurricane Incident Command Posts


  • An active athlete, she completed three triathlons in 2004 has run six marathons, numerous half marathons and varied distances (5K,10K,15K) from 1997 to 2019.

  • In addition to running, Pastor Pugsley is a frequent hiker on the Appalachian Trail and local Trails in Florida.


Chaplain/Pastor Pugsley is a passionate patriot with a conservative viewpoint. Her years of military experience and teaching history have given her an informed vantage point from which to express the character and accomplishments of our country. She considers herself on a mission to educate and encourage her audience to participate in re-establishing an intelligent, active populace who will pursue the moral excellence needed to fuel the fires of maintaining our country as a beacon of light. She is convinced the United States has a God-given, sacred mission to uphold freedom and justice at home and in the world. Civil Air Patrol Chaplaincy does that.

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