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General Chaplain Corps Information

Contact: Kenya Bogans at National Headquarters to find a chaplain in your area.

Ch Col Linda Pugsley, National Chief of Chaplains, biography

National Chaplain Corps Staff

Chaplain Corps Recruiting -- general information

Chaplain Corps Education and Training Opportunities

The Transmitter Newsletter 

Values For Living 2.0 Lessons

Chaplain Corps Calendar (This is a Google Calendar link for

Find out how to become a Chaplain in the Civil Air Patrol.

Find out how to become a Character Development Instructor in the Civil Air Patrol.

Chaplain Corps publications

Find resources for Spiritual Resilience

Additional Resources


Do You Know How to Transfer Chaplain & CDIs?

CDIs and Chaplains that transfer units retain their appointment as a CDI or Chaplain but are automatically unassigned from all duty assignments. This is true for all transfers. Normally the squadron Commander or Personnel Officer goes into e- services and assigns transfers to duty assignments on squadron software. But it does not work for Chaplains or CDIs. In order to be assigned as the new unit’s CDI or Chaplain the squadron must send a CAPF 2a to NHQ via


You fill out sections 1 and 2. In section 2 the fields can be filled in thusly FROM: Unassigned TO: CDI or FROM: ADY TO: CDI.
(The abbreviation ADY standing for Additional Duty.)
Then, of course, the squadron commander “signs” and you forward the form to:

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