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Media Relations Coordination Guidelines

Partnering with National Headquarters Public Affairs
for Media Relations Assistance

The Civil Air Patrol Public Affairs Officer or Public Information Officer plans and coordinates media relations activities. National Headquarters Public Affairs is always available to assist the PAO, PIO, Incident Commander and Agency Liaison with media relations as requested. NHQ/PA can provide assistance in the areas cited below. This is especially critical when no PAO is in place, the PAO is new and/or inexperienced and/or the mission is high-profile.

  • Develop and/or refine crisis plan or public relations plan

  • Identify a spokesperson

  • Anticipate media needs and questions

  • Make recommendations on all media coverage

  • Coordinate national leadership participation

  • Provide talking points

  • Provide media kits

Media Queries & Response

  • Respond to media inquiries

  • Research, interview and write news releases

  • Disseminate news releases nationwide

  • Develop radio and TV announcements

  • Set up interviews

  • Set up news conferences

Issues Management

  • Develop proactive media messages

  • Prepare a daily issues management report that tracks key issues and recommends courses of action


  • Publish daily updates online

  • Provide media contact lists

  • Provide a daily report of media coverage

  • Provide a copy of WMIRS reports to members involved in missions, issued daily by NHQ’s National Operations Center

  • Prepare an after-action report

Creative Services

  • Coordinate with NHQ to establish and maintain a website

  • Coordinate with NHQ to secure and publish photographs online

  • Coordinate with NHQ to take, edit and distribute videos/DVDs


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