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Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters
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Rick Broome painting

Artist Rick Broome’s “Total Force Partners,” a 75th anniversary painting featuring Civil Air Patrol in an “intercept” with an F-16 over Washington DC., is now available as a Hand Remastered Starlite original. Starlite paintings go from a day scene to a nocturnal or starlite scene under special UV lighting. This is a technique unique to Rick Broome and part of makes his work so valuable. A very small number of Hand Remastered Starlite Originals will be painted. Pricing begins at $3,500 and goes to $5,000. Each Starlite requires an average of 50 hours to complete, and delivery is estimated to require up to four months. To take advantage of this time-limited offer, contact Rick Broome at or call (719) 576-1995 to commission your painting.

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