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Are You Checking Your “Prospective Member” Report Regularly?

Posted on October 2, 2014 at 12:00 AM by Barbara Buckner

 Since I don’t want to assume that everyone knows what this report is or is familiar with it, let’s start with:

What is the Prospective Member report?


Quite simply: It’s a report that NHQ compiles from anyone that has expressed interest in Civil Air Patrol through the using the “Request Information” button instead of searching for a local Unit to contact directly.  


While it doesn’t generate a whole lot of prospects, bottom line – these are still individuals interested in CAP and we need to contact them right away.  To give you an idea, the report as of today’s date only shows 171 prospects nationwide…but those are 171 people we could add to our membership right now, if we take the time to reach out to them. 


Here’s how the process works:

1.   When someone visits our website, they have two ways they can seek more information about joining:


            a) They can click on the “How To Join” menu button, which then lists the process for them and directs them to another link that allows them to search for the closest Units to them:   Ideally, this is the route we would hope prospects would take.  


            b) However, if they would prefer to receive membership information by mail, they can fill out the online submission form through the “Request Information by Mail” button here:


2.     The information is populated into the “Prospective Member” report.  NHQ assigns the inquiry to the closest Unit.  The information is then available for the Units/Wings/Regions to download from eServices as well as sent to the NHQ mailroom.


3.     The mailroom then sends each prospect a prospective member brochure and a print out of the local CAP squadron info based on the prospect’s zip code.  You can download the prospective brochure here: 


RROs and/or Commanders should be accessing this report regularly to make sure they are following up with prospects quickly before they forget about it and loose interest in joining.


So, how and where can you find this report?


The prospective member report is no longer emails/mailed like it used to be.  We converted it to an online-only report in eServices based off of member requests and all RROs and Commanders have access to this report in eServices.


Once you login:

Go to “Member Reports”

Under the drop down menu for “ *Reports ” is where you will choose “Prospective Member Report”


You will be given three different options for how to download the report: pdf, Word or Excel. While the quickest and easiest download format will be pdf, I suggest that you download the report in Excel so that you can create an additional column to track when you contact the prospect and results.  


There currently isn’t a way to add such comments directly into eServices but keeping track of it locally will not only ensure you don’t contact the person again because you forgot you already did or what the results were and give you a basis of data to start seeing if there is a trend as to where these prospects are coming from or hearing about us so that you may turn it into a recruiting drive opportunity.


The report itself with list:

Prospect Name


Phone Number

Email Address

Age Group 

Parent name – if a prospective Cadet

Date the inquiry was received. 


*As a reminder: Units are responsible for keeping their unit contact info up to date in eServices.  NHQ usually receives, on average, about 100 contacts each year from prospects that cannot get in touch with their local unit because information is missing or out-dated.


Also, if your Unit does not have a Unit RRO assigned in eServices, contact information will default to the Unit Commander – giving him/her the responsibility to follow up with the inquiry.


While this report is updated on a daily basis as inquiries are received, it’s a good idea to get your Unit into a routine of checking this report at least once a month – perhaps at the beginning of each month.  You may not always have a prospect on your Unit list waiting for contact, but what if you did?


Maj Barb Buckner, CAP

Recruiting & Retention Manager

Civil Air Patrol - National Headquarters

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