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Recruiting Material Repository

Posted on January 7, 2016 at 12:00 AM by Darin Ninness

In an effort to get more actionable materials into the hands of the folks that use them (that is, the field units!), I am in the process of setting up a repository of the best "field produced" recruiting materials that can be shared on a nationwide basis.

If you have a very successful recruiting piece (a flyer, a presentation, a brochure, a handout, etc) please feel free to send it to me via email (or other means, if need be) and I will include it in our growing library of field-produced materials.

There are some criteria, however (you knew there was going to be a disclaimer, right?).

  • Send us your best pieces, not EVERY piece. If you have 4 different flyer designs but there is one that is "super duper," then send that one along.
  • The intent is to allow field units who don't have everyday access to designers and graphics gurus to easily take something, quickly and easily customize it and put it immediately to work.  If your killer brochure was done in the last version of Quark Xpress to run on a PowerPC-based Mac, and wont' be readable anywhere else, thats not going to help much.  More universally available output platforms (ie. Flyers in Microsoft Word, Presentations in Powerpoint) are preferable.  Obviously, sometimes thats not possible, and if you have something so absolutely outstanding that we have to find a way to make it work on another platform, we'll do that. 

Not everything will wind up in the repository.  We'll look at the quality of the material (typography, "customizability," graphic design, etc) and put up the very best.  We don't mean this as a popularity contest, but the intent is to put CAP's  best foot forward with these matierals. If your "super awesome brochure" has photos taken in a dark room with a cell phone camera that only reproduce as a black box when printed, then maybe its not as "super awesome" as you think.   By all means, send along your item, though and we'll give you feedback.

Speaking of feedback, be sure to include your name, rank and unit with your submission so that when we do publish it, we can properly credit you and your unit. If you have a unit website URL, send that along so we can hotlink the unit, too.

Thanks very much and I'm looking forward to getting your very best materials to share with our units.

-Lt Col Ninness

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