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Recruiting Material

CAP offers publications that will help you in your recruiting endeavors.  If you do not see a publication listed here, it is not considered material for primary recruiting.  Please note, that even if a publication is considered a recruiting piece, the office with the authority to distribute the material might not be the recruiting and retention office. 

Please contact the office of primary responsibility for further information.  If you need to find the OPR, have questions, suggestion or feedback, please contact Marie Vogt at or 334-953-9381.


How to Order Recruiting Material 

All Commanders, Directors and Officers of Recruiting and Retention, Public Affairs and Administration duty positions have permission to order recruiting material through eServices.  Orders are usually processed and shipped out within 24 business hours.  If you need more materials than the maximum quantity allowed on the order page, simply enter the amount you need.  Orders that are over the maximum and/or are within 60 days of a previous order are reviewed before processing.

1.  Log on to eServices

2.  Select “Material Orders” from the restricted menu on the right side (old eServices).  

If you are using the new eServices, select "Administration" from the menu on the left.  You'll find "Material Orders" located under Applications.

3.  Select “Order Request” from the menu on the left.  You should now see a drop down box labeled “Material Category”.  You should see three choices:  AE Materials, Forms and Pamphlets, and Recruiting Materials.   If you do not see an option, please contact your squadron commander or WSA to request permission to view and order the material.   For recruiting material, select Recruiting Materials from the drop-down menu.

4.  Enter your CAPID number and press the tab key on your keyboard.

5.  Now you should see the order page.  
      a.  Confirm that the name and address are correct. 
      b.  Place your order for recruiting material.  Order enough materials to supply your unit for at least one month.  Consolidating orders helps CAP save money on the cost of shipping and processing. 
      c.  Make sure to fill out the reason for request box.  ex:  AFB Airshow in Sept, Open House in May, etc.
      d.  Enter a rush order date if needed.  Please request materials in advance whenever possible to keep shipping costs down.

6.  Select the “Confirm Order” button. 
7.  Check your order and if everything is correct, hit the “Submit” button.

List of Recruiting Material (in alphabetical order)  

Aerospace Education Member Brochures
named "Civil Air Patrol MARS program" in order application
An 8 ½ x 11 full color AEM recruiting brochure with information on the Aerospace Education Excellence program (AEX) and the Fly-A-Teacher program. OPR- AE  Aerospace Education

Recommended use: For recruiting Aerospace Education Members.  This particular publication is not suitable for people interested in regular CAP membership.
Distribution:   Order in eServices in the AE Material Category.
                          Download an AEM Flier with STEM Kit Info


Cadet Brochure
A 4 ¼  x 11, full color, two-sided brochure.  This publication provides a few basic FAQs, prospective member website, and a place to put your squadron’s contact information.  OPR - DP Personnel & Member Actions

Recommended use:  Supplies are limited and we encourage recruiters to give the brochures to people who express an interest in CAP.  Please refrain from using this particular piece for general mass distribution. 
Distribution:  Order in eServices in Recruiting Materials.
Download the Cadet Brochure
                         Download the Cadet Brochure en Español (online only)


Cadet Open House Kit
NO LONGER AVAILABLE.   Some items available in CAP Materials.  You'll find the material under Forms and Publications and under Recruiting Material.
Consists of 3 Cadet Great Starts (online only), 5 Today's Cadets, Tomorrow's Aerospace Leaders, 10 Parents Guides (online only), 100 Cadet Brochures and 5 Cadet Posters (online only). OPR –  CP Cadet Programs

Recommended use:  Please use the open house kits for your cadet or composite squadron open houses.
Distribution:  No Longer Available as a kit.  Some of the individual components are available to order in eServices.  Posters and Brochures available in Recruiting Materials.  Cadet Great Start, Today's Cadet's and Parents Guides available in Forms and Pamphlets.


Cadet Posters

Four 11 x 17, full color, single-sided cadet posters.  Only available online.  OPR - DP Personnel & Member Actions

Recommended Use:  Strategically place in high-visibility areas for prospective cadets.
Distribution:  Download print ready versions of the posters:  
Cadet Poster 1       Cadet Poster 2         Cadet Poster 3         Cadet Poster 4


Fact Sheets - ONLINE ONLY
8 ½ x 11, full color, single-sided.  Provides a snapshot of CAP’s history, resources and missions.  OPR - PA Public Affairs

Recommended Use:  Use with prospective senior members on a case by case basis.  This material is better suited to an individual who wants more in-depth information about CAP as an organization.  Not recommended for recruiting and not appropriate for cadet recruiting.



Paper Airplane - ONLINE ONLY
8 ½ x 11, full color, two double-sided sheets.  First page is the paper airplane; second page includes instructions and a lesson plan.  OPR - AE  Aerospace Education

Recommended Use:  Use during recruiting events for prospective cadets.   
Distribution: Available for download only. 
Download the Paper Airplane (with instructions and lesson plan)


Pilot Brochure
A full color, tri-fold brochure.  The pilot brochure provides a few basic FAQs, the prospective member website and a place to put your squadron’s contact info.  OPR -  DP Personnel & Member Actions

Recommended Use:  Use during recruiting events for prospective adult members who are also pilots.
Distribution: Order in eServices. Download the Pilot Brochure


Prospective Member Brochure - ONLINE ONLY
A full color, four page, 8 ½ x 11 brochure that provides general information on cadet, senior and AE membership in CAP.   OPR - DP Personnel & Member Actions 

Recommended Use:  This brochure used to be mailed directly from NHQ to prospective members who request further information about CAP.  The brochure is no longer printed or used since most prospective members obtain the information online.
Distribution:  Available for download only. 
Download the Prospective Member Brochure


Senior Brochures
A 4 ¼  x 11, full color, two-sided brochure.  The senior brochure provides a few basic FAQs, the prospective member website and a place to put your squadron’s contact info.  OPR -  DP Personnel & Member Actions

Recommended Use:  Supplies are limited and we encourage recruiters to provide these brochures only to people who express an interest in CAP. 
Distribution:  Order in eServices   Download the Senior Brochure


Senior Posters - ONLINE ONLY
Two 11 x 13, full color, single-sided senior posters titled Teamwork and Achievement.  OPR- DP Personnel & Member Actions

Recommended Use:  Strategically place in high-visibility areas for prospective senior members. 
Distribution:  Download  an 8 ½ x 11 (with PDF form for squadron information)  
Teamwork     Achievement


You can find photos on Civil Air Patrol's Flickr or on Cap.News  


We have a general CAP PowerPoint presentation that can be customized for your squadron.  It’s best suited for an adult audience, not cadets.
Download the general presentation.


SER-GA-075 Savannah Composite Squadron created a PowerPoint presentation to use for the parents of new cadets.  Download the 2013 Parent Presentation

The following items are not available for distribution:
1.  Promotional Items (any items to give away during a recruiting event, including balsa wood or paper airplanes) 
2.  Displays (including tabletop displays, tents and outdoor displays)
3.  Banners (for display or parades)
4.  Tablecloths or runners


 The following publications are not considered recruiting material.  The Office of Primary Responsibility is listed.  Available materials can be ordered in limited quantities in eServices under “Material Orders”, "Order Request", then “Forms and Pamphlets”

1.  Great Start – Cadets  OPR- Cadet Programs  ONLINE ONLY.
2.  Great Start – Seniors  OPR – Professional Development  ONLINE ONLY 
3.  Today's Cadets, Tomorrows Aerospace Leaders (replaces Investing in America’s Youth)  OPR – Cadet Programs 
Parents’ Guide  OPR-Cadet Programs   ONLINE ONLY.



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