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Activity Safety Resources


Regulations and Pamphlets


Risk Assessment

Safety Briefings

Safety Reporting

Regulations and Pamphlets

CAPP 160-3 - CAP Activity Safety Pamphlet - NEW!

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The following materials are for reference only. Activity Safety Officers must complete the Activity Safety Officer course in AXIS LMS before being appointed to an activity.

 Go to eServices LMS, then click on the AXIS link on the LMS landing page.

Activity Safety Officer Course
Planning and Risk Management Series (narrated PowerPoints)

Risk Management Principles 

Safety Officer Roles and Risk Management Process

Risk Management Tools

Safety Emphasis Series (narrated PowerPoints)

Communicating Safety Emphasis Items

Activity Safety Focus Areas 

CAPSIS Safety Reporting and Reviewing (narrated PowerPoints)

Reporting a Safety Significant Occurrence

Reviewing a Safety Significant Occurrence Series

CAP Safety Aim and Principles

Terms and Definitions

Basic Steps

Action Planning

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Risk Assessment


5Ms Guide to Risk Assessment (Member, Medium, Machine, Mission, Management)


CAP Form 160: Deliberate Risk Assessment

CAP Form 160S: Real-Time Risk Assessment

CAP Form 160 HL: Hazard Listing Worksheet

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Safety Briefings

What YOU Need to Know About Risk Management - PowerPoint, PDF or YouTube

The What YOU Need to Know About Risk Management briefing should be presented at the beginning of an activity to ensure participants understand the risk management process and their role in identifying and addressing safety hazards.

Safety Focus Areas

101 Critical Days of Summer Safety Campaign - Resources - NEW!




Activities and Encampments

Food Handlers Briefing

"To Serve Cadets” - Civil Air Patrol Food Services

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Safety Reporting and Reviewing

Regulations and Supplements

CAPR 160-2: Safety Reporting, Reviewing, and Action Planning

Region Safety Reporting Supplements


CAP Safety Information System (CAPSIS) Safety Reporting Guide

CAP Safety Information System (CAPSIS) Safety Reviewing Guide


Encampment and Activity Safety Reporting Checklist 

Vehicle Safety Significant Occurrence (SSO) - NEW!


SSO Information Collection Worksheet 

Witness Statement Form 

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