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Annual Safety Risk Management Day - 2019

Annual Safety Risk Management Day Resources

The Annual Safety Risk Management Day is a chance for all CAP members to focus their thoughts on the use of Risk Management throughout CAP to prevent injury, protect resources, and ensure the highest level of Safety as we pursue all our CAP missions and activities.  All Safety Officers should review this material and become familiar with it prior to your Annual Safety Day.  

There are a few ground rules in CAPR 62-1 that need to be emphasized before getting started:

  1. The Annual Safety Day is to be conducted in the months of January, February or March.  When you log this safety education in SIRS, be sure to click "yes" where it asks if this is you "annual ORM familiarization" and click "yes" where it asks if this is your "Annual Safety Day."

  2. It is one day devoted solely to Safety and Risk Management discussion and training.  That means NO other annual training or non-safety education is permitted.

  3. The Safety "Day" may occur during a regularly scheduled meeting, as long as that is the only focus of that meeting.

Mandatory Items:

This year, we have provided several resources that all units are expected to use during their Annual Safety Day meeting.  In addition to these National level products, we have also encouraged all Region and Wing Commanders to offer emphasis items for their units to discuss.  Finally, all units are encouraged to discuss safety topics unique to their own location, mission or climate.  Safety Officers, use the following links and instructions to access the mandatory briefing materials:

Video Briefing from the National Commander Click on this link to view a briefing from Maj Gen Mark Smith, regarding the Annual Safety Risk Management Day, and CAP's commitment to risk management.     

Video Briefing - What YOU Need to Know About Risk Management -  Click on this link to view a video refresher on Risk Management, using easy to understand language and steps you can take to make risk management a part of everything you do.  This is a briefing that can be used for Cadets, new members, wing conferences, or any other audience that needs a refresher on the basics of risk management.  If you would like a copy of the PowerPoint briefing itself, click HERE.   If you would like a copy of the narration script, click HERE.

PowerPoint Briefing - Common Mishaps and How You Can Prevent Them -  Click on this link to download a briefing that covers some of the more common mishaps we see nationwide.  The purpose of this briefing is awareness, but also to spur discussion on the hazards and risks associated with each mishap, and to have all our members understand what causes these mishaps and how they can work to prevent them.  Units should commit to their own plan to reduce each of these risks.

Other Topics:

These are suggested items which should be included in your Safety Day agenda.

Cold Weather Operations -  We are entering the coldest months of the year.  If your squadron experiences cold winters and has aircraft, all pilots and aircrews should review their cold weather operating procedures.   These include the aircraft limitations and the proper cold weather operating procedures outlined in the POH, but also a risk management discussion about the hazards of cold weather for the aircrews during pre-flight, post-flight and survival considerations in frigid weather.  ALL squadrons that experience cold winters should consider the effects of freezing temperatures on ALL their activities.   

Local Emphasis Items - All units should discuss mishaps or risk factors unique to their own units, their missions, their wings and their regions.


We need your feedback!  Please share your questions, briefings, topics, or ideas so we can continue to improve what we offer, and so we can share your ideas.  Send them to us at:







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