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2022 Annual SRM Day Emphasis Items and Resources

2022 Emphasis Items and Resources

There are a lot of opportunities for focusing your Safety Risk Management Day. Regardless of what you decide to spend time on, make it relevant. What do those in your group need to know most about so that they are more aware of potential hazards and how they can be a part of keeping each other and our resources ready and reliable? What resources are available to help them learn and grow in safety so every mission and activity is enjoyable and fulfilling?

Reminder: When you log this safety education in SIRS, be sure to click "yes" where it asks if this is your "annual ORM familiarization" and click "yes" where it asks if this is your "Annual Safety Day."

Help us improve! We also welcome your feedback on what you covered during this year's Annual SRM Day - it's completely anonymous and will help us improve the safety program.

CAP Safety Principles

CAPSafety Principles | Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters (

Planning and Risk Management

Annual Review of Risk Management


CAPF 160


5Ms for Risk Assessment (Member, Media, Machine, Mission/Activity, Management)

Basic Risk Management

Intermediate Risk Management

Advanced Risk Management

Activity Planning


Safety Emphasis - Aircraft 2022


ASRS CALLBACK Issue 503 - December 2021, Instructor Insight (

Flight Instructor Techniques (

The Impact of Tire Maintenance on Aircraft Safety (

Striking Airmanship (Maj Michael J. Banner, Safety Officer, FL-383)

Guide to Aircraft Airworthiness - AOPA

Airworthiness (

How to Pre-Flight an Airplane - AOPA

Prevent Hangar Rash - Aviation Safety (


Safety Emphasis - Vehicles 2022

Resources: Safety Talk: Backing Safety

Driver Readiness - California DMV

12 Parking Lot Safety Tips Every Driver Should Know! (


Safety Emphasis - Injury-Illness 2022


Can Standing Up Straight for a Long Period Cause Fainting? | UAMS Health

Warning Signs and Symptoms of Heat-Related Illness | Natural Disasters and Severe Weather | CDC

6 Tips to Help Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls - Grainger KnowHow

Updated COVID-19 Risk Management for Multi-Day and/or Overnight Training Activities & Follow-Up Planning

How to Protect Yourself & Others | CDC

Other Topics

These are suggested items which should be included in your Safety Day agenda.

Region/Wing Emphasis Items -  Wings and Regions should provide emphasis areas for discussion.  The wing's Annual SMS Program Review is a good source.

Local Emphasis Items - All units should discuss mishaps or risk factors unique to their own units, their missions, their wings and their regions.

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