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Risk Management Worksheets

High Adventure Activities

High Adventure Activities are addressed in the new CAPR 60-1, Cadet Program Management.  Comply with the requirements in CAPR 60-1, as well as completing a Hazard Assessment prior to the activity.

Aviation Risk Management

Pre-flight ORM and Flight Release will be accomplished in accordance with CAPR 70-1, CAP Flight Management.

Risk Management Forms (scroll down)

There are numerous forms available to help identify hazards and assess the risk each one poses.  No single form is required but a hazard analysis and risk assessment should be performed before every CAP activity.  Check out the following links for the most common forms.  If there are other forms you prefer to use, please send them to .

"ORM" Worksheet:

This is an excellent tool for helping to determine the level of risk presented by each hazard.  Don't forget to be specific about how you're going to control each risk and who is in charge of monitoring the effectiveness of your risk controls.                                       "ORM" WORKSHEET - Word     "ORM" WORKSHEET - pdf

Risk Management Worksheet:

This is a simple but effective tool.  Be detailed on your controls, how you will implement your controls, and who is in charge of supervising those controls!   RM Worksheet - Word           RM Worksheet - pdf

Preliminary Hazard List/Analysis (PHL/A):

This is another simple form.  It asks the important question  of how much risk remains after you have put your risk controls in place; the "Residual Risk Level."   PHL/A


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