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Wingman Safety for Senior Members

1st Lt Olivia Higgins, Safety Officer - MD-008

Doing a daily self-check prior to an event is paramount. Using the ‘I’M SAFE’ checklist isn’t just for pilots, everyone needs to use it!

Hazardous Attitudes

Capt Bill Trussel, Safety Officer - DE-019

The FAA has long been concerned about the decision making skills of pilots and the adverse attitudes that can impede their ability to reach a good conclusion based on the situation they find themselves in.  The Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge devotes Chapter 2 to this topic (PHAK Chapter 2 ( and the impact on aviation safety. 

Striking Airmanship

Maj Michael J. Banner, Safety Officer, FL-383

Potentially dangerous, airplane tail strikes are preventable. A tail strike is when the tail section of an airplane contacts the surface while taking off or landing. A tail strike associated with substantial downward momentum can cause the tail to forcefully contact the surface resulting in significant damage to the aft section of an airplane.

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