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Health Services Senior


The Health Service Officer at the Senior Level is expected to:

  • Provide a competent level of health service support to the Commander, Unit, Safety, Cadet Programs, Senior Program, Emergency Services, and Aerospace Education at all echelons between unit and wing.
  • Support and mentor new Health Service Officers and Health Service Officer Technicians.

Completion of the senior level requirements must be evaluated and approved using Attachment 2, Health Service Officer Senior Level Checklist, by a master rated health service officer or the wing director of health services.



  1. Serve on squadron or higher-level staff as a technician rated HEALTH SERVICE officer for a minimum of 12 months.
  2. Serve as Activity HEALTH SERVICE Officer for a unit activity lasting more than 2 days and including an overnight stay.


  1. Successfully complete the on-line CAP Safety Senior level course in the CAP Learning Management System.
  2. Be competent to teach First Aid (certified or functionally capable to teach by virtue of training).
  3. Complete a psychological first aid training course.
  4. Complete Level 2 of the CAP Education and Training program.


  1. Complete two additional ICS 206 forms together with a Safety Officer.
  2. Successfully complete two additional activity health assessments at the unit level or higher and brief those medical support recommendations to an activity director / incident commander / unit commander.
  3. Brief a Commander or activity director on health risks, how to successfully evaluate an activity for health risk while carefully considering CAP’s nondiscrimination policy, and then develop several courses of action for the Commander to select from to ensure healthy and safe participation.
  4. Successfully present two additional wellness/health promotion briefs to a Cadet audience at a Unit Activity or higher.
  5. Successfully present two additional wellness/health promotion briefs to a Senior member audience at a Unit Activity or higher.
  6. Complete an annual human factors aeromedical lecture to a CAP aircrew
  7. Prepare and disseminate a briefing appropriate for CAP type activities.
  8. Complete five consultations to a CAP Safety Officer on health topics.
  9. Write an article on a health or wellness topic for the Health & Safety Dispatch.


  1. Basic Public Health Information: Identify at least 4 Public Health entities that you can contact and request information or assistance in your role as a Health Services Officer for CAP activities including but not limited to encampments and training exercises.
  2. Basic epidemiology: Using the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control’s website, identify training opportunities in epidemiology and enroll in an introductory class. (e.g..,
  3. Overview of the current critical incident stress management program.
  4. Overview of the work of the Chaplain Corp and chaplain support teams: A brief overview of what a chaplain is and does at the squadron level, at activities and encampments. The Chaplain Corps provides robust specialized training for Mission Chaplains and Chaplain Support Specialists to provide emotional and spiritual support to CAP missions, activities, and encampments. An advanced level of training prepares the Chaplain Support Team for work in disaster support. The Chaplain Corps is a value add in providing for the holistic care of our membership. Collaboration is dependent upon knowing how each of us functions.
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