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NCSA, Encampment & Activity Safety

NCSA, Encampment & Activity Risk Management Resources

Risk Management is one of three special emphasis areas in the Character element of the Cadet Program.  This puts added emphasis on using, and teaching, Risk Management at all Cadet activities.  Remember, the goal is to improve mishap prevention, while teaching cadets the Everyday Risk Management skills they will use in their lives

Important Notes:

- This website addresses requirements addressed in the CAP Safety Program regulations, CAPR 160-1 and CAPR 160-2, and provides resources to help Activity Directors and Activity Safety Officers effectively meet those requirements.   

- This webpage does NOT address other planning or staff training requirements of the Cadet Program or the Aerospace Education Program. 

- Refer to CAPR 160-1 for additional safety planning requirements for large cadet activities.  Note that it is a CI requirement to use the CAPF 160 for wing encampments.  See CAPR 160-1, paragraph

Activity Safety Officer Training:

The new Activity Safety Officer Course referenced in CAPR 160-1, paragraph, is required for all designated activity safety officers for NCSAs, Encampments, and other CAP activities or events lasting longer than 48 hours, or spanning two nights (See CAPR 160-1 for more details).  In addition to the Activity Safety Officers, Activity Directors and activity staff members are highly encouraged to take the training in order to understand the expectations outline in CAPR 160-1.

To take the course and quiz: 
1)  Click on this link:  CAP LMS .  That will take you to the CAP Learning Management System.
2)  In LMS, click on the AXIS link in the upper left corner of the page
3)  In AXIS, click on the Course Catalog, select "Safety" from the drop-down menu, then select Activity Safety Officer Course
4)  Make sure you take the quiz so eServices will record your training!

To download the briefing for personal reference (note, members will ONLY get eServices credit if they take the quiz in AXIS):
1)  Click here:   Activity Safety Officer Course

Activity Opening Risk Management Briefing:

What YOU Need to Know About Risk ManagementThis scripted briefing, providing an easy to understand overview on the language and practice of risk management, should be given at the beginning of every NCSA, encampment or other large cadet activity.  It provides basic education for new attendees, an excellent refresher for staff and senior cadets, and provides all attendees a common understanding of CAP's expectations on the use of risk management in ALL activities.


OSHA Heat Safety Resources  

OSHA's "Water, Rest, Shade" Page.   CAPR 160-1 highlights the increased risk of operations and activities in hot and humid conditions.  OSHA provides some excellent guidelines on that may be used as risk controls to help reduce the risk of heat-related and dehydration mishaps.  There are also smartphone apps that help you determine the heat index for your location, and provide some good resources for preventing, and responding to, heat illness.  Click on your choice below to download the App.

 iPhone Heat Index App            Android Heat Index App





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