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NCSA and Encampment Safety - 2019

NCSA/Encampment Risk Management Resources

Risk Management is one of three special emphasis areas in the Character element of the Cadet Program.  This puts added emphasis on Risk Management at our NCSAs and Encampments.  Our cadets not only need to learn how to use and understand risk management, but our cadets need to see the Cadet and Senior Staff using risk management throughout the activity.  These tools will help make risk management an important part of the Activity.  Remember, the goal is to improve mishap prevention, while teaching cadets the Everyday Risk Management skills they will use in their lives

Important Notes:

- All NCSA and Encampment Activity Directors are expected to use these tools.  Please provide feedback on how they can be improved.

- These tools are meant to simplify and facilitate risk management; they do not replace or waive any regulatory requirements.

- The Opening Risk Management Briefing below should be given to all attendees, in lieu of the Basic Risk Management Course referenced in CAPR 62-1


Guide for Activity Directors -   Click on this link to read about how to easily use these important tools to enhance risk management at your activity.

Guide for Activity Safety Officers -  Click on this link to learn how all these tools can help you as an activity safety officer, to enhance risk management while meeting all requirements of the CAP Safety regulations.

Opening Risk Management Briefing -   This easy-to-understand scripted briefing fulfills the requirement for the Basic Risk Management course at the beginning of each activity.  This briefing must be given to all attendees.  It could even be given by a senior cadet staff member.

Pre-Activity Risk Safety Briefing Checklist This checklist will help you or a senior cadet walk through a quick and effective safety briefing before every activity, or the obstacle course, or drill practice.

Bodily Injury Mishap Reporting -  This easy to use checklist helps you take notes on what you need to report in SIRS after a minor mishap; jot it down here so you have it later when you enter the information into SIRS.  Remember, let us know what happened, what caused it, and WHAT YOU COULD CHANGE OR IMPROVE TO PREVENT IT.

Post-Activity Safety Summary Form After EVERY activity, you need to review your plan, figuring out what went wrong and how you can change the plan to reduce the chance of mishaps.  This simple form will help you with that process.

As always, we would like your feedback on how well these tools worked for you and what we can do to improve them.

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