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National Safety Officer College

Bringing together tomorrow's CAPSafety leaders to share, study, and learn about CAP’s ideal approach to safety risk management. 

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NSOC Objectives

  • Reinforce the pillars and processes of CAP's Safety Management System (SMS)

  • Develop CAP's Safety Leaders in their roles as teachers, guides, mentors, and advisors

  • Provide the broad-based knowledge, understanding, and skills required to effectively lead wing and region safety programs

  • Support safety mentoring for more of tomorrow's Safety Leaders in the Safety Officer Specialty Track

Attendance and Participation

Completion of all pre-work, assignments, quizzes and attendance at bi-weekly check-ins are required for graduation. Participants must also successfully complete all assignments by the “due date” unless an extension is requested and approved by the CAP Chief of Safety. Extension requests must be routed through and recommended for approval by the participant's Region Director of Safety.


There will be several assignments throughout the course, allowing participants to demonstrate knowledge and skill in certain safety program tasks and requirements. The instructions, due dates, and assessment standards for these assignments will be available in the participant guides.

Some of the assignments will not lend themselves to a percentage grade or pass/fail criterium and will be graded subjectively as to whether the objectives of the assignment were met. In all cases, if the participant is working to correctly apply the concepts taught throughout the course, and actively participating in their region discussions on the assignments, their effort will be reflected in their work and credit will be given for successfully completing the assignment. After each assignment, a bi-weekly check in will review the challenges of each assignment and general feedback for improvement.


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