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Who should I reach out to for more information about NSOC 2022?

Your first stop for more information should always be your next-level Director of Safety. This will ensure that Wing and Region Directors of Safety are in the loop and can support getting questions answered as quickly and completely as possible.

Am I eligible to attend NSOC 2022?

CAPR 160-1 (see Section 2.6) requires all new Region and Wing Directors of Safety to attend National Safety Officer College (NSOC) within one year of appointment, unless waived in accordance with CAPR 160-1, Section 2.2. CAPP 40-160 requires those members seeking to achieve their Master Level in the Safety Officer Specialty Track to successfully complete NSOC in 2020 or later. These two groups represent our primary audience, and we are sending out emails to those members inviting them to enroll.

How many slots are available for attending NSOC 2022?

We will limit attendance to 180 participants. This limit will support high quality interaction rather than a "sit and get" experience. We also use this limit to ensure we have the right audience for the material being presented. Starting in 2023, other, more level-appropriate options will be available to support growth and learning in the safety track.

When is the enrollment period?

We reached out to the Region and Wing Primary and Assistant Safety Officers in mid-December and asked them to sign up by February 4, 2022. Beginning January 10, 2022, enrollment will be open to all those Senior Rated Safety Officers in a primary or assistant safety officer duty position who are pursuing their Master Rating. On February 7, 2022, we will open any remaining slots to all other Safety Officers in a duty assignment. Enrollment will officially end on March 25, 2022.

How will I know if I have a slot to attend NSOC 2022?

If you are in one of our primary audience groups and you sign up, you are guaranteed a seat. If you are not in our primary audience groups, we will notify you within seven days of your enrollment whether you have a slot or if you've been added to the waiting list. The final notification will go out March 25, 2022.

What safety topics will be covered during NSOC 2022?

The list of topics we hope to cover can be found here on the website but is subject to minor changes. We intend to place a lot of emphasis on planning and safety risk management, safety reporting and reviewing, and the upcoming changes to SIRS that will roll out around mid-2022.

What options are available for me if I can't get into NSOC 2022?

We are examining our Safety Training closely this year and will begin to expand our available training in 2023. NSOC is intended to be a capstone in the safety training framework, not the foundation. Members in safety roles will have more opportunities for growth and learning as we redesign our safety curriculum.

What if I can't attend NSOC this year?

If you are a new Director of Safety at the Region or Wing level, you must attend NSOC within one year of the duty assignment. You may request a waiver in accordance with CAPR 160-1, Section 2.2. "Waivers: Unless otherwise noted, CAP/SE is the approval authority for all waivers to this regulation. Requests for approval must be coordinated through the applicable wing commander, region commander, and CAP-USAF Liaison Region. CAP/SE will then coordinate with CAP-USAF/SE before approval."

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