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NSOC Topics

Following are the list of planned topics for NSOC. They are subject to change in sequence or content. 

CAPSafety Aim and Principles

  • CAP’s vision-mission – Volunteers serving America's communities, saving lives, and shaping futures 

  • Safety’s Aim: Uphold the public’s trust through a safety-minded culture, safe environment for our members, and responsible stewardship of our valuable resources;

  • Our Safety principles: flexibility, learning, fairness, accountability.

The Future of CAPSafety

  • Safety Culture and a “People First” initiative; Safety as personal value;

  • Making safety practical – more than paper, it’s about people;

  • Human and Non-Human Contributing Factors.

CAPSafety Roles & Responsibilities

  • All members’ roles in safety;

  • Building and developing wing/region safety staffs;

  • Role of the SEs on Command or activity staffs;

  • Role of SEs relative to mission areas and functional leads.

  • Assignment - write down your goals for fulfilling your role as an SE in CAP

Planning and Risk Management

  • Review of CAP requirements and methods for risk planning;

  • Risk management in the age of COVID;

  • Case studies and examples;

  • Assignment: Students will complete a risk assessment based on a specific scenario.

Civil Air Patrol Safety Information System (CAPSIS)

  • Overview of the new system and how it’s the same and different from SIRS

  • Safety reporting, reviewing, mitigation planning, follow up, reports and more.

Safety Reporting and Reviews

  • CAPR 160-2 changes and applicability

  • Safety reporting – what should/should not be reported;

  • Conducting a mishap review – tools and common issues; case studies;

  • Assignment – complete a safety review based on a specific scenario

Safety Emphasis Items 2024

  • Review current safety trends, contributing factors, and mitigating actions;

  • Role of SEs in communicating and advising on actions to address safety trends

  • Assignment - complete a draft plan for supporting squadrons efforts in addressing safety trends

Safety Assurance and Continuous Improvement

  • CAPP 163 – Annual SMS Review and role of SE;

  • CAPR 160-1 – Annual Safety Risk Management Day – role of SE in supporting efforts to address pervasive safety issues

 Monthly Safety Education

  • Safety briefings – purpose, resources, methods;

  • Assignment – develop a safety briefing to present;

  • CAPSafety Communication and Development strategy.

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