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New Safety Regulations - Overview


The NEW Civil Air Patrol Safety Regulations have been approved and are online for member preview!  This new series of publications forms the foundation of the Civil Air Patrol Safety Management System (SMS) and the standardized integration of Risk Management into all of our CAP missions and activities.  Click on the Regulation Preview link to check them out.

The Preview Period

          The regulations, the pamphlet, and the risk assessment forms will be available for member review for 30 days before they go into effect on 30 September 2019.  

We Need Your Feedback!

          A lot of work has gone into these publications, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.  As you will read, one of the key parts of our SMS is that we are constantly trying to improve.  If you ANYTHING that you thinks need to be corrected, that is hard to understand, or that could be tweaked a little, please let us know at .  We'll make a fix, clarify, or explain, and we will make sure we share those answers with everyone.     

The New Publications:

CAPR 160-1,  Civil Air Patrol Safety Program.   This regulation outlines the CAP Safety Management System and provides guidance on roles and responsibilities in the Safety Program, the use of risk management, safety assurance, and promotion and recognition.  Read Chapter 1 for a full understanding of the SMS approach, and CAP's safety vision.

CAPR 160-2, Safety Reporting and Review.    This regulation provides clear guidance on how and when to report mishaps, hazards, and other safety events, as well as how to review mishaps once they have occurred.

CAPP 163, Safety Assurance & Continuous Improvement.   This pamphlet provides an easy to use guide for process improvement, corrective actions, and how to make sure your risk controls are working the way they are intended.  This pamphlet goes way beyond safety, providing commanders and other members with a tool to continuously improve their processes.

CAPF 160, Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet.   This single standardized CAP form will be used for pre-activity risk assessments, as well as a means of recording after action assessment of the effectiveness of your risk controls.  See CAPR 160-1 for guidance on when to use this form.

CAPF 160S, Real Time Risk Assessment Worksheet.  Similar to the CAPF 160, this form will be used for smaller activities when the regulation doesn't require the CAPF 160, or to guide everyday pre-activity risk assessments and briefings.   

CAPF 160HL, Hazard Listing Worksheet.  This form simply porvides extra space for listing hazards and assessing risks when you are using the CAPF 160 or 160S.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The previous un-numbered PHL/A, "ORM" Worksheet, and Risk Management Worksheets will no longer be used.



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