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Safety Risk Management

Protecting our people and resources starts with a comprehensive list of hazards, risks, and controls!


Safety Risk Assessment



Guides your risk assessment, ensuring you look for ALL the hazards that may affect your activity.


Risk Worksheets

NOTE:  Refer to CAPR 160-1 for additional guidance regarding use of the following forms.


Guides you through identification of hazards, to the final steps of evaluating effectiveness.


Designed for smaller activities and can guide you in briefing a risk management plan.

Need more room for hazards, risks, and controls? 

CAPF 160HL, Hazard Listing Worksheet


Risk Management Training



Introduces CAP's Risk Management Program, including philosophy, basic processes, and tools.


Provides more in-depth knowledge of the risk management process and each step of the process.


Designed to enhance mission success by increasing knowledge of risk management



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