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Annual Safety Risk Management Day - 2021

Annual Safety Risk Management Day Resources - 2021

The Annual Safety Risk Management Day is a chance for all CAP members to focus their thoughts on the use of Risk Management throughout CAP to prevent injury, protect resources, and ensure the highest level of Safety as we pursue all our CAP missions and activities.  All Safety Officers should review this material and become familiar with it prior to your Annual Safety Day.  


There are a few ground rules in CAPR 160-1 that need to be emphasized before getting started:

  1. The Annual Safety Day is to be conducted in the months of January, February or March.  When you log this safety education in SIRS, be sure to click "yes" where it asks if this is you "annual ORM familiarization" and click "yes" where it asks if this is your "Annual Safety Day."

  2. It is one day devoted solely to Safety and Risk Management discussion and training.  That means NO other annual training or non-safety education is permitted.

  3. The Safety "Day" may occur during a regularly scheduled meeting, as long as that is the only focus of that meeting.  

  4. With COVID restrictions in place, and wings in various stages of remobilization, units are highly encouraged to use virtual meeting platforms such as MS Teams or Zoom to conduct their Annual Safety RM Day.  This has the potential to reach even more members than a single in-person session, and will provide an opportunity for additional guest speakers and small group discussions.  We suggest recording the session and making it available to all members to ensure the widest possible dissemination of these important topics. 

  5. COVID risks?  As you go through all the briefing material, think about how COVID adds to the normal risks of our CAP activities and missions.  Think of COVID and exposure to the coronavirus as you would any other hazards and risks and determine what risk controls can be put in place to reduce those risks to an acceptable level.

Mandatory Items:

This year we have two briefings to help guide your discussions.  The first is your annual review on Risk Management and how to perform a thorough risk assessment using the CAPF 160 and CAPF 160S.  The second is an updated look at our commonly recurring mishaps and some risk controls that can help prevent these types of mishaps. In addition to these National level products, we have also encouraged all Region and Wing Commanders to offer emphasis items for their units to discuss.  Each wing has completed their Annual SMS Program Review (see CAPR 160-1, para 4.8.) and Wing SEs should be able to provide units with Commander's emphasis items for 2021.

PowerPoint Briefing - Intro, Risk Management Review -  The goal of this presentation is to refresh everyone's memory on the importance of risk management, as described in CAPR 160-1, including a review on performing risk assessments using the CAOF 160.  The goal is open discussion so everyone becomes familiar with the process.  

PowerPoint Briefing - Common Mishaps and How You Can Prevent Them -  Click on this link to download a briefing that covers some of the more common mishaps we see nationwide.  Some are recurring mishaps that require additional emphasis and discussion.  The purpose of this briefing is awareness, but also to spur discussion on the hazards and risks associated with each mishap.  As you discuss these common scenarios, think about how COVID has affected each situation, and additional risks that will arise as we begin to return to "normal" and flying and other rigorous activities will increase after a long lay-off.

Other Topics:

These are suggested items which should be included in your Safety Day agenda.

Region/Wing Emphasis Items -  Wings and Regions should provide emphasis areas for discussion.  The wing's Annual SMS Program Review is a good source.

Local Emphasis Items - All units should discuss mishaps or risk factors unique to their own units, their missions, their wings and their regions.


We need your feedback!  Please share your questions, briefings, topics, or ideas so we can continue to improve what we offer, and so we can share your ideas.  Send them to us at:







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