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Risk Management and COVID-19

Coronavirus and COVID-19 present a completely new landscape of hazards and risk to our members and our communities.  Risk Management provides a process for identifying, assessing, and responding to these risks.  This page will provide tools and resources to help with those COVID-19 risk decisions.


     - Provide tools and training to help members use risk management decisions to reduce their exposure to the coronavirus and minimize the effects of COVID-19

     - Reinforce the CAP Safety Vision that risk management "is on-going process used in the planning and execution of all CAP missions and activities, in groups and as individuals."


USE THESE EXERCISES FOR YOUR NEXT SAFETY MEETING!!    These resources are applicable to all members.  Commanders and Safety Officers in all units should work through these training exercise with their members to help them with their COVID-19 decisions and reinforce the use of risk management in their daily lives.

    Exercise #1:  "A trip to the store"

Everyone will need to acquire groceries and supplies.  This exercise will help guide the decisions you make on that shopping trip to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus.  The training is applicable to all CAP members.  Commanders and safety officers are encouraged to share this training with their unit members in a virtual or online meeting.  It will help them handle their COVID-19 concerns, and will help them make risk management a part of their daily lives.  After completing the training, be sure ot go to SIRS and log this as monthly safety education for your unit.

     -  Let's go shopping briefing slides      These slides will walk you through the little tasks that may expose you to the virus and guide your risk control decisions.

      Let's go shopping instructor guide   This word document will help a commander, a safety officer, or leader of cadets lead the training discussion.

     -  A guide for families   Developed by CNN in cooperation with the CDC, this guide covers some of the same decisions you worked on during this exercise ... and more.

    Exercise #2:  "Preparing to Fly"

This training takes Exercise #1 to another area.  When we fly, we perform a lot of tasks without considering every hazard.  This will provide aircrews with some insights on how to look at every task as a possible source of exposure to the virus, and how to minimize that risk.

     -  Let's Go Flying slides     This briefing will provide a good COVID-19 and risk management review for ALL our aircrews.  Perfect for monthly safety education for senior members.



"5 M's For COVID-19 Risk Decisions"   This document can help you apply the Five M's approach to help you identify all of the hazards, and some of the guidance to help with your planning

CAPF 160, CAPF 160S   These Risk assessments forms are shown in the training and should be used to guide all of your planning.  They are a great tool to make sure you are taking advantage of the risk management process

COVID-19 stoplight chart    This chart will help you decide if your planned trips and activities are low risk, medium risk, or high risk

CAP COVID-19 Information Page    This page has ALL the latest CAP information on COVID-19, including announcements, memos form the Commander, tips for cleaning aircraft and vehicles, and other resources.    We need to hear from you with your ideas and suggestions.  This is a time for sharing.

Stay well.


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