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Tire Safety "Every Thing Rides on It" - Lt Col Robert Taylor, IL-001 

Winter Driving: How to Keep CAP Members and Resources Safe - Capt Louis Merck, WI-197 

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"Be Skeptical” - Capt William "Bill" Trussell, DE-019

"Can You Cheat on Safety-Yes or No?” -  Capt William "Bill" Trussell, DE-019 

Risk Mitigation With ForeFlight - Lt Col Don Jones, TX-050

Striking Airmanship - Maj Michael Banner, Fl-383

sUAS Safety and Risk Management for Drone Pilots - Capt Jeffrey Rayden, CA-379 

The Ever-Moving Maneuvering Speed (Va) - Lt Col Philip "Phil" Holt, TN-001

Trust but Verify - Capt William "Bill" Trussell, DE-019

“What Did I Miss?” -  Capt William "Bill" Trussell, DE-019 

"Why Have Rules" and the Impact on Safety - Capt William "Bill" Trussell, DE-019 

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Maj Stephen Kelly, MO-111 

Dehydration, Both at Ground Level (GL) and When Flying (AGL) - Capt Valerie Moczygemba, TX-187

Dinner Time is Coming! - Capt William "Cole" Ettingoff, VA-001 

Encampment Hydration Safety Tips - Capt Richard "Rick" Weaver, AL-119 

Heat Emergencies - Capt Larry Cohen, FL-116 - NEW! 

How Toxic is That Pain Reliever in Your Medicine Cabinet? - 1st Lt Thomas Delvers, NJ-107

Preventing and Treating Knee Injuries - Lt Col Mark Huntington, MD PhD FAAFP, SD-001 

Protecting Your Eyes from Eye Strain - Capt William "Cole" Ettingoff, VA-001 

Stress and Safety - Capt William "Bill" Trussell, DE-019 

Teen Sleep Deprivation - 1st Lt Julie Teel, GA-453

The Emerging and Newly Developing CAP Health Services Program - Lt Col Stephen Leighton, MD, NC-052

Understanding Resilience - Lt Col Jill Silverman, MD, NY-001

When it Comes to Your Health, From Where do You get Your Facts? -  Lt Col Gordon Helm, AZ-013 

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Considering Facilities - TSgt Seth Rubino, CT-062 

Hazardous Attitudes - Capt William "Bill" Trussell, DE-019

How Do We Get Our Safety Message Across? - Capt Jeff Young, AL-029

Human Error and Just Culture - Michael Nunemaker, CAP Chief of Safety

Injury and Illness Safety Reporting - Michael Nunemaker, CAP Chief of Safety 

Lithium-Ion Battery Fires - 1st Lt Robert Wilson, OH-096 

Offering Grace Through Qualitative Data - MSgt Damen Therkildsen, ID-098 

Personal Locator Beacons: A Lifeline in the Wilderness - 1st Lt Nicholas “Nick” Skalkos, ME-035

Personal OPSEC- TSgt Sean Lofland, NM-001

Risk Management - A Different Look - Lt Col Thomas Ficarra, FL-286

Safety and Training Requirements: The Critical Balance - Capt Eran East, NM-073 

Using Ladders Safely - 1st Lt Joshua Briggs, OH-018 

What’s “Safety Culture” (and why Should I Care) - Maj John Graham, NM-018 

Wingman Safety for Senior Members - 1st Lt Oliva Higging, MD-008

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It's a Dry Heat - Capt Keith Robinson, CO-030

Monsoonal Weather Safety Tips for CAP Pilots - 1st Lt Mark Chappell, NM-001 

Weather and Civil Air Patrol - Maj Sarah Belk, KY-057 

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