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Safety Briefings

Monthly Safety Education is the key to helping ALL members understand and apply risk management processes to assess hazards and control risk in a wide variety of scenarios

Every unit safety officer is required to provide their members with a safety education briefing each month. The in-person briefing (or virtual meeting) is the preferred method, according to CAPR 160-1. This webpage provides resources you can use to create meaningful presentations that will reinforce member understanding of risk management processes, educate members on the CAP safety program, and help members feel comfortable and confident using risk management in their CAP activities and in their daily lives. Your wing or region director of safety can assist, if needed.


A Trip to the Store and Instructor Guide, Mark Dulaney, Assistant Chief of Safety, CAP-HQ

Flying as Part of an Aircrew, Mark Dulaney, Assistant Chief of Safety, CAP-HQ


Distracted Driving - Maj Mark Burchfield, Assistant Director of Safety, PA-001

Encampment Vehicle Safety - Col Jeff Garrett, Commander, GA-001

Highway and Open Road Driving - Lt Col Eric Hineman, Assistant Director of Safety, NCR-001

Talking to Your Car Drives to Distraction - Maj Charlene Garcia, Director of Safety, SER-001 

Winter Driving - C/SrA Travis Tuttle, AK-071


Aircraft Tire Safety - Maj Ken Kremer, Safety Officer, IA-002

Aircrew Safety Briefing - Lt Col Keith Lauder, Director of Safety, NH-001

Flight Safety for Non-Rated Members - Col Kenneth W. Parris, Director of Safety, PCR-001

Laser Hazards - Lt Col Matt Cauthen, National Senior Safety Program Advisor, NHQ-001

Multitasking: Skill or Myth? - Maj Charles John Graham, Director of Safety, NM-001

Sleep Apnea and Pilots - Maj Kent Bankhead, Director of Safety, MI-001


Carbon Monoxide - Lt Col John Kruger, Director of Safety, SWR-001

NEW! Change Highlights CAPR 160-2 - Michael Nunemaker, CAP/SE

Ground Team Ground Search Safety - Col Eugene Egry, Vice Commander, MAR-001

Hazards of Electrical Transmission Lines - Col Robert (Bob) Castle, National Senior Safety Program Advisor, NHQ-001

Multitasking: Effective or Just a Safety Illusion - Capt Cindy Gironda, Assistant Director of Safety, PA-001

Safety During the Holidays - Lt Col Elizabeth Marx, NHQ Assistant Coordinator Special Activities - PA-002

Safety Online - Brig Gen Regina Aye, National Vice Commander, NHQ-001


Frostbite Prevention - Maj Kent Bankhead, Director of Safety, MI-001

Hurricane Awareness - Lt Col Robert J (Bob) Becka, Director of Safety, HI-001

Hurricane Preparedness - Maj John McCrory, Director of Safety, LA-001

Lightning Safety - Lt Col Larry Julian, Chief of Staff, SER-001

Severe Weather Awareness - Lt Col Jim Emory, Director of Safety, OK-001

Snow and Ice Management - Maj Mark Swing, Professional Development Officer, NY-043


Snake Encounters - Lt Col Leslie Fife, Assistant Safety Officer, UT-080

Scorpion Awareness - Lt Col Corey Stohlquist, Director of Safety, AZ-001




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