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Safety Education

Monthly Safety Education is the key to helping ALL members understand and apply risk management processes to assess hazards and control risk in a wide variety of scenarios

Every unit safety officer is required to provide their members with a safety education briefing each month.  The in-person briefing (or virtual meeting) is the preferred method, according to CAPR 160-1.  This webpage provides resources you can use to create meaningful presentations that will reinforce member understanding of risk management processes, educate members on the CAP safety program, and help members feel comfortable and confident using risk management in their CAP activities and in their daily lives.  There is training on how to research and produce a PowerPoint safety briefing, and links to a variety of safety websites to help your research.  There will be briefings created and shared by other CAP safety officers.  There is also information on other options for those members who are occasionally unable to attend a monthly safety briefing.  If you need any assistance, check with your wing or region director of safety, or contact us at SAFETY@CAPNHQ.GOV .

Creating a Safety Education Briefing:

This training will guide you through the process of researching and creating your own safety briefing.  You can also share this briefing with your senior members and cadets to broaden their skills and create a team approach to safety education.   

                      Click HERE to access "Creating a Safety Education Briefing."

                    Click HERE for a PowerPoint template to create a briefing in 16:9 format.

                    Click HERE for a PowerPoint template to create a briefing in 4:3 format

A Page FULL of Links to Lots of Safety Webpages!:

CLICK HERE to go to our own page full of links to other safety pages.  This page provides links to government and industry safety pages, FULL of valuable and reliable information for your safety briefings and discussions.

Shared Briefings From Other CAP Safety Officers:

CLICK HERE or follow the menu on the left to access Safety Briefings shared by other members!

FAAST / AOPA Education Topics:

CAP has an agreement with the FAA which allows members to get CAP Monthly Safety Education for taking flying-related training on FAAST and AOPA websites.  This requires registering, with your CAP ID, on the FAAST webpage.  CLICK HERE for information on how to register.  Keep in mind that the monthly in-person briefing is the preferred method for receiving safety education, but this resource is a great way to expand your safety knowledge.

Safety Beacon Newsletters:

The Safety beacon Newsletter is normally published on a monthly basis, and contains program updates and topical articles that can lend themselves to a monthly safety education topic, and spur discussion among members.  CLICK HERE to find the Safety Beacon Newsletters.  For those who are unable to attend a monthly briefing, you may also go to the LMS and find quizzes for the last several Beacons that will give you credit for monthly safety education.



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