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Safety Education Briefings - Shared By Members

Safety Education Briefings - Developed and Shared by CAP Members

The briefings on this page were developed and written by your fellow CAP Safety Officers, shared here for other members' use.  Members may use these for unit safety education topics, or as ideas for creating their own safety education briefings, adjusting and supplementing these briefings as needed to meet the needs for their own units and requirements.  To develop your own "best practice" safety education briefings, make sure you follow the guidance provided in the "Creating a Safety Education Briefing" training on this website.  Emphasis should be placed on using credible sources, and the goal of using these briefings to teach members the steps of risk management as outlined in CAPR 160-1.

Keep checking back.  More briefings will be added.  WE NEED YOUR HELP TO GROW OUR LIBRARY!!  Use the training on how to create safety education briefings, and send your briefings to .  We won't be able to use them all, but we will try to post a good cross section of member briefings!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These briefings are the work of individual members who have been gracious enough to share them.  They do not necessarily represent the policies of, or carry the endorsement of, Civil Air Patrol.  Members utilizing these or any other briefings should regularly check for accuracy and updates.

Aircraft/Flying Safety Briefings: 

    (These briefing cover generic aircraft and flying safety topics.  For specific guidance  on CAP missions or techniques on how to fly specific maneuvers, refer to CAP Operations webpages and guidance)

    Flight Safety for "Non-rated" Members 

    Aircrew Safety Briefing 

    Aircraft Tire Safety 

    Distractions in Flight

    Laser Hazards in Flight

    Sleep Apnea and Pilots

Vehicle Safety Briefings:

    Distracted Driving 1

    Distracted Driving 2

    Encampment Vehicle Safety

    Highway and Open Road Driving

    Winter Driving

Environmental & Wildlife Hazards:

    Snake Encounters

    Scorpion Awareness

Weather Hazards:

    Frostbite Prevention

    Severe Weather Awareness

    Lightning Safety

    Hurricane Awareness

    Snow and Ice Management

General & Miscellaneous Safety Topics:

    Online Safety

    Electrical Transmission Lines (aka, Downed Power Lines)

    Ground Search Safety

    Multitasking Hazards

    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning



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