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Safety Information Links


This page provides links to a wide variety of safety webpages.  They are arranged to help you find whatever you need to create a safety briefing, research a safety topic, lead a safety discussion, or to help assess risks and develop risk controls.  Let us know if you have other favorite sources that you'd like to share.  SAFETY@CAPNHQ.GOV

Safety Sites from the U.S. Military Branches:

Air Force Safety Center - The home to Air Force Safety, there is a wide variety of resources for all kinds of safety education topics.

          USAF Occupational Safety Division - Excellent source for home safety, recreation, vehicle, and other important safety information. 

          Air Combat Command Safety - Great resources and access to the Combat Edge safety magazine

Naval Safety Center - Click on the Safety Promotions dropdown menu for presentations, magazines and lessons learned

Army Combat Readiness Center - Look in the Off-Duty menu for some great references

Marine Corps Safety Division - Some great newsletter articles and look in the Off-Duty dropdown menu for more resources


Traffic/Vehicle/Highway Safety:

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) - A wealth of vehicle and driving safety information

          NHTSA Teen Driving Safety         NHTSA Large Van Safety          NHTSA Safety for Older Drivers  

Department of Transportation Traffic Safety - Marketing information, safety campaigns and a great directory of topics

National Safety Council - Check the dropdown menus for road safety and home safety information

Travelers Insurance Defensive Driving for Experienced Drivers - Refresher training; a series of short videos.  Watch them together and discuss! 

          Travelers Insurance Drivers Meeting Topics - Great ideas for vehicle safety briefings      


Health & Fitness:

Health and Human Services Fitness - President Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition, and a lot more great information 

 - More great topics form HHS

USDA's - Excellent information on fitness, nutrition, food safety, etc.

Center for Disease Control - Disease information, as well as tips for healthy living and safe travel - Lots of great information on health, fitness, hydration and other topics from home of the Military Health System


Home Safety:

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission - A great directory of safety education topics and resources

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) - Safety and Health topics with a search engine

National Fire Prevention Association

National Safety Council - Home Safety


Seasonal, Holiday, and Weather Safety:

Air Force Occupational Safety Division - Excellent source for seasonal topics, weather preparedness, and home safety information

OSHA Hot Weather  - Great guidance for hot weather safety (also refer to CAPR 160-1 and CAPR 60-1)

National Weather Service (NWS) - A great directory of weather safety topics

          NWS Owlie -  Wonderful resource for educational material for young children

The Weather Channel - A well-respected leader in providing weather safety information


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