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Safety Beacon

October 2021 - NEW!

Our members are the ultimate makers or breakers for CAP becoming proactive in safety risk management (SRM). CAP needs every member to be relentlessly responsible and consistent in preparing for safe outcomes in every event and activity.

September 2021

Looking for "who" caused a negative safety outcome does not address the root cause of a problem.  Blame is detrimental to the safety culture we need in CAP and leads to fear of making mistakes and covering up errors instead of openly sharing and learning from them. 

August 2021

Some mindsets are more compatible with effective safety practices than others.

June 2021

Safety culture is an idea many know but do not fully understand. Without a collective understanding and commitment to act congruently with our safety principles, we risk placing people and resources in harm’s way – even if it is unintentional. 

May 2021

Safe outcomes depend on knowledge, attitude, and action.

April 2021

Attention is a finite resource – use it wisely.

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